i'll marx my karlender
Name's Vishap, 18, Male, Aerospace Engineering undergrad at the University of Southern California, aspiring competitive Smasher, and resident dorkus.

I post whatever catches my fancy, but as of late, that's mostly been Game Grumps/JonTron, Super Smash Bros, and general Nintendo-related stuff. I also draw things sometimes and record stuff also.

Hope you enjoy your time here, you lovely-ass-person, you.

(row row fight the power)

My good bros and I cosplayed as the full Midnight Crew on Day 1 of Anime Expo! Picture taken by my extremely talented and wonderful friend MissSwirl~ (here is her dA page)

Clubs Deuce was me, Diamonds Droog was TheCheesyTurtle, and the nefarious Spades Slick was TheBKW.

"I’m a member of The Midnight Crew
I’m a night owl, and a wise bird too
Home with the milk in the morning
Singing the same old song!
Rise with the moon, go to bed with the sun
Early to bed, and you’ll miss all the fun
Bring your wife and trouble, it will never trouble you
Make her a member of The Midnight Crew!”

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